Building Successful “Sister Libraries” Programs

By April Ritchie, Adult Services Coordinator, Erlanger Branch of Kenton County Public Library

Having the chance to speak at The Power of Groups session during the ALA conference in Anaheim this summer was an excellent opportunity to spread the word about the Kentucky Sister Library Project beyond the boundaries of our state. If you haven’t heard of this relatively new endeavor, the idea is for a better-funded library to partner, or become “sisters,” with one that has less funding in order to help it reach its fullest potential.

Since the conference, I’ve been contacted by a representative from a state library on the East Coast requesting some information about the project. I think the idea is to create an initial test pairing and see what happens. Hopefully we’ll see this concept being given a trial run in another state very soon!

I’ve also been contacted by a large nonprofit organization about the possibility of incorporating the concept into a new initiative that they are involved in. We are still in the brainstorming stage, so it’s hard to say how things may shape up, but it’s very exciting that the sister library project is getting noticed on a larger scale.

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April presenting at The Power of Groups session at ALA Annual.


Branding on display

Marketers prefer premium content publishers over Facebook for brand campaigns, reveals OPA study

The study found that agency and marketer decision-makers report significantly higher levels of satisfaction for achieving branding objectives with Premium Content Publishers (78%) than with Facebook (51%). Premium Content Publishers outpace Facebook across key advertising priorities, including: offering brand safety (71% vs. 36%); having the best creative options for brand-focused ad campaigns (64% vs. 26%); capturing the attention of the audience (63% vs. 29%); and offering a platform where ads are considered viewable (59% vs. 42%).

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If you weren’t able to attend Innovation in Libraries, you can still benefit from the collective wisdom shared at this free post-LITA event October 7–8. All the videos—16 sessions and lightning talk presenters, including Phil Simon, the keynote speaker—are available in a single playlist on YouTube.

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Thursday, December 6 | 2 p.m Eastern

Outreach Programs in Rural Communities: Simple Steps for Surprising Results

The PEARL (Promoting and Enhancing the Advancement of Rural Libraries) Project has been successful in helping Texas rural librarians reach out to groups and organizations in their communities and to raise visibility of and appreciation for their libraries. Community outreach plans, designed to identify and fill a need in the community, are at the heart of this unique model. This webinar, co-sponsored with WebJunction and the Association for Rural & Small Libraries, will explore the outstanding results achieved by participants in the PEARL project and share how community outreach plans have led to unexpected outcomes and some surprising results.

Presented by: Barbara Blake, Outreach Coordinator for the PEARL Project, University of North Texas; and Louise W. Greene, Association for Rural Small Libraries and PEARL Mentor.


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OCLC Researchers featured in Digital Pioneers Project

Digital Pioneers is a project to document early innovations in the use of digitization in libraries, museums, archives and historical societies in the words of the people who were an integral part of it all.

In her interview, Senior Program Officer Ricky Erway recounts lessons learned from her early work on the Library of Congress's American Memory program, work on RLG member projects and current work in OCLC Research.

Senior Program Officer Merrilee Proffitt shares how her early days at UC Berkeley’s Bancroft Library helped to shape her passion and affinity for technology and digitization, as well as the challenges she’s faced and the advice she has for others coming into the profession.

And Senior Program Officer Roy Tennant discusses a digitization project he worked on in the mid-1990s, his subsequent work at the California Digital Library, and the lessons and advice he gleaned from those experiences.

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