OCLC Research demos Kindred Works, a content-based recommendation service

This prototype uses characteristics of a sample work to generate a set of related items from WorldCat

There are many ways to find a new book to read or movie to view. OCLC Research has developed an experimental service that provides a set of items similar to an item of interest.

The prototype service uses various characteristics of a sample work, such as classification numbers, subject headings and genre terms, to retrieve related resources from WorldCat and produce a list of items similar to the sample.

This approach is called content-based recommendation. The recommendations are accessible through a user interface and through a machine service.

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Redesigning the college library building

This report looks at plans to restructure or alter space use in college libraries. Among the findings:

  • More than 59 percent of survey participants have reduced library space for collections over the past three years.
  • The mean budget for major library redesign projects was $17.58 million, or approximately $2,671 per enrolled student, FTE.
  • 34.62 percent of public schools in the sample made investments over the past three years to install, expand or renovate a library cafe, as compared to just 22.73 percent of private schools.

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Communicating the value of the library

The latest case study from Geek the Library: Wallkill Public Library

Talking up the value of the library is nothing new for staff at Wallkill Public Library in Wallkill, New York. However, according to Director Mary Lou Carolan, Geek the Library helped strengthen community engagement efforts.

“Geek the Library resonated so well because it is a progressive awareness campaign that leads up to what we all need to do, which is ask for support,” said Carolan. “You can warm people up, you can take them out to lunch, you can show them the programs, you can show them the smiling faces of the kids, but at some point, you have to say, ‘Look, we really need your support.’”

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Issue 6 of OCLC Research Quarterly Highlights now available

This periodic bulletin gathers items from the previous quarter of work in OCLC Research, the OCLC Innovation Lab and the OCLC Research Library Partnership. Issue 6 covers the period July–September 2012.

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OCLC member libraries around the world:

Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind
Auckland, New Zealand
OCLC symbol: NZAFB

Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft des Saarlandes
Saarbrücken, Germany
OCLC symbol: DESBF

McClelland Irish Library
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
OCLC symbol: AZMIL

Australian Graduate School of Management
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
OCLC symbol: ATNAZ

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