OCLC Research, ALISE name recipients of 2013 Library and Information Science Research Grants

The awards were presented January 24 at the Association for Library and Information Science Education 2013 Annual Conference Awards Reception in Seattle, Washington.


Lynne Bowker, Ph.D., of the School of Information Studies at the University of Ottawa, will consult with Spanish-speaking newcomers to Ottawa who are users of the Ottawa Public Library (OPL) in the project, “Can machine translation facilitate outreach to newcomers? A pilot study investigating the needs of Spanish-speaking users of the Ottawa Public Library.” The results will help determine if machine translation can be used as a partial solution for finding a cost-effective means of translation that would allow OPL to offer a wider range of translated texts to the under-served newcomer community.



Kyung-Sun Kim, Ph.D. of the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, and Sei-Ching Joanna Sin, Ph.D., of the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information at Nanyang Technological University, will use a combination of surveys and focus group methods to collect data from over 600 undergraduate students in the United States and Singapore in the project, “Social Media as Information Sources: Use and Evaluation of Information from Social Media.”

The focus of this study is to investigate what types of social media are used as information sources and how they are used and evaluated. Based on this research, suggestions will be made to improve information literacy education and social media interfaces, which will support the effective use and evaluation of social media as information sources.



Sanghee Oh, Ph.D., of the School of Library and Information Studies at Florida State University, will investigate the health information needs and sources people most likely seek and share in social Q&A by analyzing the content of health questions and answers. Findings from the project, “Understanding Health Information Behaviors in Social Q&A: Text Mining of Health Questions and Answers in Yahoo! Answers,” will help health information professionals better understand the health information behaviors of their patients or customers and improve their services or systems.


Teenage usability: Designing teen-targeted websites

Does you library have a website for teens? Here are some guidelines for constructing one based on the latest usability research.

  • Write for impatient users. Nothing deters younger audiences more than a cluttered screen full of text.
  • Avoid boring content and entertainment overload. Dull content is the kiss of death. However, not everything needs to be interactive and fancy.
  • Make it snappy. A slow-loading website is a deal-breaker.
  • Let teens control the social aspects. Facilitate sharing but don’t force it.
  • Design for smaller screens and poor ergonomics. Many students access the Web while sitting in awkward positions using portable devices with small screens.

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The application deadline for the 2014 Jay Jordan IFLA/OCLC Early Career Development Fellowship Program is Friday, February 15, 2013. This program provides early career development and continuing education for library and information science professionals from countries with developing economies. The program gives Fellows opportunities to meet with leading information practitioners, visit libraries, and explore topics including information technologies, library operations and management, and global cooperative librarianship.

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The Jordan IFLA/OCLC Fellow Class of 2002




OCLC Research Roundup Webinar
February 21, 2013 | 1–2 p.m. Eastern

Join OCLC Research, partners and members for our first ever Research Roundup Webinar. This live online event will include a brief overview of OCLC Research from Eric Childress, Consulting Project Manager, OCLC Research, and an interactive discussion centered on the latest findings from recent reports.


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Universidad del Valle de México, Texcoco Campus
Texcoco, México
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Universidad del Valle de México, Puebla Campus
Puebla, Mexico
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Rasmussen College, Topeka Campus
Topeka, Kansas, USA
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Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie
Karlsruhe, Germany
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Peregrine Elementary School
Meridian, Idaho, USA
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Porirua Public Library
Porirua, New Zealand
OCLC symbol: NZPOP

Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg
Mannheim, Germany
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Sawtooth Middle School
Meridian, Idaho, USA
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CSO recognizes OCLC among best for information security management

OCLC has received a CSO40 Award from IDG's CSO magazine for its information security initiatives in support of OCLC products and services used by member libraries worldwide. CSO is recognizing 40 projects that have delivered groundbreaking value through the creative application of risk and security concepts.

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