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Beta site experience

Six institutions participated in a beta of the service from mid-February to mid-March 2011. The results were clear: students are using EasyBib, and use it even more when the library provides additional value-added features. The result? More accurate citations, more pleased professors and more opportunities for cross-campus collaboration with writing centers and interdisciplinary team projects.

Ohio State University: 84% increase

OSU increase

College of St. Benedict's and St. John's University: 90% increase

College of St. Benedict's and St. John's University: 90% increase

Spotlight on: OSU results

The Ohio State University libraries saw an 84% increase in EasyBib use of already strong usage when they implemented Library Edition. Students could take advantage of library resources more readily, while using all the EasyBib's tools. OSU's EasyBib site was used 10,651 times from Feb. 18th to March 14th compared to 5,787 times during the same period in 2010.

The beta sites didn't go out of their way to promote the service heavily, but they did offer some promotional ideas and best practices for future implementers. Read their advice ››

EasyBib has made my life a whole lot easier, I don't have to worry about creating a bibliography on my own. I love it!

Sarah Carver, OSU undergrad

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