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EasyBib Academic Edition

An online citation collaboration between OCLC and ImagineEasy Solutions is an automatic bibliography composer, used by more than 23 million students in the past year. The free online site helps people manage their bibliographies. Premium versions of the site provide additional citation styles and help people improve their research and critical thinking skills. OCLC and EasyBib have collaborated to create the Academic Edition of EasyBib, which is a premium version of EasyBib that is customized: it incorporates your library's branding, links to your collection, provides Web site evaluation tools and more.

Your students use EasyBib already. With the Academic Edition, you gain more visibility for your collections, resources and services. You aren't trying to change their current behaviors—you're simply intercepting them where they're already going and providing added value. And there's no technical training or implementation needed on the library's part.

OSU beta site results

The Ohio State University was a beta site for the customized EasyBib Academic Edition. See and hear the results of the beta >>

Allie Flanary of Portland Community College describes how their students and staff have benefited from having EasyBib Academic Edition. (Then-named EasyBib Library Edition.)

Upcoming events

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“EasyBib UW looks GREAT. I'm really glad I know about this - there are just about zero citation machines online for APA and Chicago, and those that I've been able to find aren't very reliable!”

student at University of Washington, March 2011