OCLC WSKey Management – Upcoming Changes

OCLC has made a series of improvements to WSKey Management, our API credentialing system, to give libraries more control over their WSKeys and to increase security. Because of these changes, WSKey Management users can now

  • log in using their WorldShare (OCLC Identity Management) credentials to access all their institution’s WSKeys;
  • automatically generate Sandbox WSKeys for testing;
  • change their own WSKey names and Redirect URIs;
  • reset their own WSKeys’ Secrets (which are now longer and more complex); and
  • block or reissue their own WSKeys, should they suspect compromises have occurred.

As part of this effort, beginning November 18, WSKey Management users must log in using their WorldShare accounts; WorldCat.org accounts will no longer be supported. All existing Production WSKeys will continue to function as usual.  

How does this affect my WSKeys?

  • All existing Production WSKeys will continue to function.
  • OCLC will change all Production WSKeys associated with WorldCat.org accounts to institution-owned WSKeys.
  • You will need to use a WorldShare account with appropriate permissions to log into WSKey Management.
  • Existing Sandbox WSKeys associated with WorldCat.org accounts will be set to expire in 60 days. Users should generate new Sandbox WSKeys using their WorldShare accounts.
  • Any users with appropriate permissions at your institution will be able to manage all your institution's WSKeys, not just the WSKeys they personally requested.
  • All WSKeys that haven't been used in 120 days will be set to expire.

How do I log into WSKey Management using my WorldShare account?

  • Log in at the same URL you have always used.
  • Instead of selecting WorldCat.org, you will be automatically be directed to log into your WorldShare account.

WSKey Management log in screen before the update


WorldShare account log in screen after the update


What if I don't know my WorldShare credentials or don't have appropriate permissions to access WSKey Management?

  • Please contact OCLC Support if you are unsure if you have a WorldShare account or the appropriate permissions, and if you have any other questions regarding this change.