DEVCONNECT Online 2018: Recap and Recordings

It is no secret that library user needs are evolving quickly, and OCLC services are evolving even faster to keep up with these trends. This is why OCLC originally launched DEVCONNECT, so developers can learn about OCLC APIs and build skills that allow libraries to get more out of their OCLC services. Based on feedback from our community, DEVCONNECT 2018 workshops involved more hands-on coding and were online as opposed to in-person. Nonetheless, it was a productive, informative, and engaging series! 

Topics ranged from OCLC APIs to MARC to the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) and speakers were from various areas of OCLC and the Ohio State University. 172 library technology professionals from 148 different institutions participated, of which over 70% attended more than one webinar. Thank you to everyone who participated and gave us feedback. 

For those of you who didn’t make it to one of the workshops, you’re in luck.  We recorded each session so you can view it when your schedule allows.  

Workshop topics and recordings 

An Introduction to OCLC APIs for Developers 
An introductory workshop describing how to customize and extend OCLC services.
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Get your all access pass to the new WorldShare Identity Management API
Participants learned the basics of the SCIM standard and got hands-on experience using the WorldShare Identity Management API.
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Getting practical techniques for processing MARC (and MARC-adjacent) record data for updates into OCLC 
Participants explored basic record manipulation with MarcEdit, exported records from OCLC using WorldShare Collection Manager, and learned how to interact with the WorldCat Metadata API.
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Using Wikibase as a platform for library linked data management and discovery 
Participants were introduced to Wikibase and associated applications for data creation, editing, and discovery.
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Incorporating IIIF content in your website 
Participants learned how to pull open-access content from digital repositories using the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) Image and Presentation APIs. 
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A beginner’s guide to Cordova 
Participants learned how to create a basic cross-platform mobile application using Cordova and OCLC APIs.
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