Update to WMS CirculationAPI

(Updated 01/13/2017 to reflect addition of actual install date)

OCLC will be installing an update to the WMS Circulation API on January 29, 2017. This update includes several bug fixes and new features for the Pull list. The bugs and enhancements to this API are changes which have been reported or requested by the developer community.


  • The following elements will be added to the items on the pull list:
    • When relevant, chronology information
    • The name of Pickup location
    • RequestId
    • pullReason – HOLD, SCHEDULE
    • when relevant, scheduleStartDate
    • when relevant, scheduleEndDate
    • The id of the institution that owns the item
    • Patron submitted free text associated with the request
  • Default response format is application/atom+json

Bug Fixes

  • Title information that contains Unicode characters is now properly encoded and rendered by the API
  • Dates fields are now properly formatted in JSON media-types (application/json and application/atom+json)
  • API now require a valid user with a Circulation role be passed as part of the request
  • API returns valid application/atom+json when application/json is specified as the Accept header

Additionally, this update contains three backwards incompatible changes we want to specifically call out to the developer community.

  1. The current API allows Pull lists to be viewed without passing information for a user which has the appropriate permissions. This is a bug and will be fixed in this release. The updated API WILL REQUIRE a user with a Circulation role is passed into on the request for a pull list to be successfully retrieved.
  2. Sending an Accept header of “application/json” will result in a response which is now valid application/atom+json
  3. The default response format if an Accept header is not specified is now application/atom+json rather than application/atom+xml

We’ve posted examples of the new responses for the various media types on the Developer Network site.

  • Karen Coombs

    Karen Coombs

    Senior Product Analyst