Upcoming Changes to VIAF XML Structure

To make the experience of viewing the VIAF site better we are making changes in the underlying VIAF data and how the raw VIAF XML is structured.  No action is necessary for our VIAF users.

In order to provide cover images in VIAF cluster displays, we included data in the VIAF records that could be used to create image links to our internal CoverArt service.  We are now performing a dynamic call to the CoverArt service to determine what covers are available and no longer need that data to be in the records.  This results in a more accurate display and removes irrelevant data from the records.

Based on our usage data and after consultation with the VIAF community, we don’t believe the element is used by external clients.  The new code using the dynamic CoverArt service for finding cover images will go into production on November 7th and the element will disappear from VIAF records shortly after that.

  • Karen Coombs

    Karen Coombs

    Senior Product Analyst