Upcoming Changes to WMS Acquisitions API

The WMS Acquisitions API is undergoing backwards incompatible changes in the upcoming July install tentatively scheduled for 7/24/2016. These changes will affect the following resources:

  • Purchase Order Item Resource
  • Purchase Order Copy Resource

Within the Purchase Order Item Resource, the single note element is being deprecated in favor of a notes element which can contain multiple note elements. When adding a new note to a purchase order item all of the existing notes must appear in the update XML along with any new notes. Any notes NOT included in the update XML will be deleted from the purchase order item
Within the Purchase Order Item Copy Resource, the valid values for the “status” element on the Copy resource are changing to:

  • OPEN

Additionally, within the Purchase Order Item Copy Resource, a new element “receiptStatus”, will be added to the Copy resource. This element will have the following acceptable values:

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