WorldShare License Manager API in Production

We’re happy to announce that the WorldShare License Manager API is now available in Production.

The License Manager API provides developer-level access to institution-specific licensed resource information, enabling several heavily requested use cases, including:

  • Combine license details with the WorldCat knowledge base API to display license “term of use” data alongside collections on a custom Database page.
  • Create a “Permitted Uses” page to display the permitted rights your patrons can expect for a given collection or electronic title.
  • Store helpful user feedback collected from database trials and display those alongside a given collection.
  • Incorporate custom terms of use into your library’s internal workflows.
  • Create a course pack page to highlight collections teaching faculty can reuse in classroom scenarios.

The WorldShare License Manager API provides a stable platform to allow libraries to incorporate electronic resource license terms into user workflows and we are looking forward to hearing how you put this API to work in your library.

Curious about this service? Learn more quickly by checking it out in our API Explorer. 

Drop us a note if you have any questions about this API. 


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