WMS Collection Management API - Problems with Write Operations

We have discovered problems with WMS Collection Management API write operations - including both Create and Update - and are advising users of this web service to limit their usage to the Read and Search operations only for now. 

Use of the Create and Update operations for copies with enumeration/caption information can cause the enumeration/caption information to be lost.  For new records that are added via the web service, the enumeration/caption information is not included.  For updates to records, existing enumeration/caption information is lost.  We have removed these operations and examples on the Copy Resource documentation page while investigation continues. 

We know that there are several active users of this web service, including those who use the label printing applications in our Gallery.  The ongoing use of these and similar applications that are limited to searching and displaying information should not be affected by this problem. 

We apologize for any inconvenience and will update the Developer Network when we have more information.

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