Welcome to the New Developer Network Website

Come on in and take a stroll around our new site! Check out the new Web services documentation, try the API Explorer, and request a WSKey just for fun (Steve says, "not really" to that last idea): We invite you to spend some time, poke around, and let us know what you think of our new digs.

The Develop section really is the heart of the site – that’s where developers will find all of the critical information they need. We’ve also created the new Get Started section to provide some brief, high-level guidance to those who are new to Developer Network. We hope you’ll discover lots of other things to like as you look around.

We'd love to get your feedback. You know where to reach us right? That handy Contact Us form could use a workout! Or, take a shortcut and just email us at devnet@oclc.org.

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