Welcome to Developer House

Developer House kicks off this afternoon and we are so excited to welcome 12 terrific library developers bringing a variety of experience and skills: Sara Amato, Joe Atzberger, Terry Brady, Brian Cassidy, Michael Doran, Bobbi Fox, Bohyun Kim, Lauren Magnuson, Terry Reese, Andrea Schurr, Jason Stirnaman, and Mark Sullivan. George Campbell, Karen Coombs, Steve Meyer here at Developer Network will be elbow deep in code right along with them. This week will really be driven by the group effort - from ideas to plans to code – and our experiences together. You are invited to join us, too, as I’ll be posting updates here on Developer Network and on Twitter @OCLCdevnet and #devhouse. Drop me a note at devnet[AT]oclc.org if you have questions for the group.

Our Developer House living room – aka “the hospitality suite” is all set: I’ve moved the beanbag chairs several times, repositioned the lava lamp just so, and readied a supply of both junk food and decent sustenance. We’ll be diving right in today, spending this afternoon getting to know each other and working through all kinds of ideas about projects for the week.

We can’t wait to get started!


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