Time Flies at Developer House

Is it really already Friday? I can’t believe Developer House has flown by so quickly! We’ve been so busy coding, testing, chatting, and surviving a snow storm that the week was almost over before we knew it! In addition to all of that, we’ve spent some time this week with OCLC staff, learning more about a few of the services and applications from OCLC Research and how OCLC is making shared library data more visible on the web. We also had some good conversations over lunch with some of our OCLC technical strategists and architects.

The week was definitely about problem solving and learning. Steve and Karen provided primers on some development practices such as User Stories, Acceptance Criteria and Test Driven Development and George talked about code reviews. Within the groups there were lots of challenges (in a good way). One group got a crash course in Linked Data and RDF parsing with the Institution Registry. Another had to deal with cross server scripting issues to get their JQuery plugin built. The team working on ILLiad and WMS integration got a taste of Lua scripting and NCIP. Pretty much everyone had to learn how to ice skate on Wednesday when the storm hit!

We're really excited about the paths our projects took, the things we were able to learn along the way, and the applications and code libraries we'll be able to share with community. We have a few next steps to wrap up our projects before we add them to the Developer Network gallery . . . stay tuned here to learn more about our projects in detail over the next few weeks.

We said from the outset that this event would be what the group made it and I want to thank this terrific group for making Developer House 2014 productive, collaborative, and a whole lot of fun! You don’t have to take my word for that last part:

Group Cell Phone Shot

Back row, L- R: Mark Sullivan, Karen Coombs, Bohyun Kim, Bobbi Fox, Brian Cassidy, Terry Brady, Shelley Hostetler

Middle, L-R: Andrea Schurr, George Campbell, Steve Meyer, Michael Doran, Jason Stirnaman

Front, L - R: Lauren Magnuson, Sara Amato, Terry Reese, Joe Atzberger

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