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We had a really engaged group at last week's workshop - thanks to everyone who attended and asked such good questions! I'm happy to share both the  Slides (PDF) and the Workshop Recording (WebEx) as several people have expressed interest.

We hope the workshop de-mystifies authentication and makes it easier for you to put OCLC web services to work at your library. The wc-devnet-l list (subscribe here) is a great place to start sharing your ideas and collaborating with the community. We're happy to respond to your questions there as well.

This was the third webinar in our API Workshop Series, following the WorldCat Metadata API Workshop and the WorldCat knowledge base API Workskhop. Stay tuned for an announcement about our next workshop - coming soon!

Is there an API you want to learn more about? Or do you have an application you want to share in an API Workshop? Drop us a note at DevNet[AT]

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