Join us for the WorldCat Registry API Workshop on April 18

Fourth webinar in our API Workshop series

Please join us for the WorldCat Registry API Workshop at 11am ET on Friday, April 18, 2014

Tony Chirakos, Product Manager, will introduce the WorldCat Registry, how it’s used in other OCLC products and services and the data you can access via the API. While many of you may be familiar with the SRU/XSD interface for this API, this Workshop will focus on the recently announced RDF Interface. Steve Meyer will include a gentle introduction to RDF for those who haven’t worked with it before. Our code walkthrough will focus on a practical application that was inspired by some of the work that went on during Developer House.

As with other Workshops in this series, we’ll also leave plenty of time for Q&A.

Registration is free and open now.

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