Introducing the WorldCat Registry RDF Interface

We're pleased to announce that users now have two options for accessing WorldCat Registry data: In addition to the existing SRU/XSD Interface, an RDF Interface is now available.

The WorldCat Registry is a service that manages descriptions of library organizations in the network and contains the names, addresses, and services of over 100,000 organizations. Accurate and detailed descriptions of addresses and services allow web interfaces to connect patrons to the resources of the library, physically and virtually. The data is also used in cataloging, circulation, acquisition, virtual reference, and interlibrary loan systems. In addition, identifiers may be used as bridges between systems. There is accurate information on street address, shipping address, library services, and more.

The WorldCat Registry read service provides data that promotes and facilitates the presence and discovery of individual libraries on the Web. The write capabilities introduced in the RDF Interface will allow libraries to better manage their web identity via the WorldCat Registry. See

The WorldCat Registry RDF Interface returns data elements modeled using the principles of linked data and, such as

  • Organization (the core data set)
  • Postal-Address (Main, Business, Shipping)
  • Hours
  • OPAC Information
  • Affiliations
  • Identifiers

This new Interface provides access to data expressed as RDF and modeled using a combination of the and WorldCat Registry ontologies. Objects and elements are marked up using RDF/XML. Developers can retrieve data as RDF/XML or Atom with embedded RDF serialized as XML or JSON. Read access to the new service is open, but submitting data to the WorldCat Registry requires client authentication by API key. The service is freely available for non-commercial use. To gain access to the service, users request a Web Service Key (WSKey) via OCLC Service Configuration.

Using curl you can request RDF/XML for an organization by sending the following:
curl -L -H “Accept: application/rdf+xml”

For the WorldCat Registry, you’ll need a WorldCat account (My WorldCat from, my Account on Web Junction, or a WorldCat Registry Account, or OCLC Online Service center account).

Everyone is free to check out and test the WorldCat Registry. You may want to use the Registry service to populate your Home page, direct people to your hours information, or your OPAC. There are many possibilities and we’re excited to see what you’ll create. Please drop us a note at devnet[AT] if you have any questions.

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