Now Playing: WorldCat Metadata API Workshop

We had a good crowd at Wednesday's workshop with both catalogers and developers. Thanks to everyone who participated! If you missed it, not to worry - both the Slides (PDF) and the Workshop Recording (WebEx) are now available here on Developer Network. John Chapman and Steve Meyer covered a lot of territory in one hour and you may find some sections are worth looking at again:

  • Functionality of the API
  • Discussion of use cases
  • Demo application
  • Code walk through
  • Q&A

We hope the workshop inspired you to imagine how the WorldCat Metadata API might be put to work at your library. The wc-devnet-l list (subscribe here) is a great place to start sharing your ideas and collaborating with the community. We're happy to respond to your questions there as well.

I'd really like to get your feedback as we start working on the next workshop:

  • Whether you attended in person or watched the recording, how do you like the content and format?
  • What web service would you like to see us feature in an upcoming Workshop?

Drop us a line at DevNet[AT] and let us know!


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