May 2013 enhancements to the WorldShare Platform

Work continues on keeping our web services up to date and the following improvements are now available for two APIs.

WorldCat Knowledge Base API

Normalized and Diacritics Enabled Titles in API and Link Resolver
End users enter search terms in multiple and various ways. Sometimes they copy and paste exact titles with diacritics, type on non-English keyboards, or otherwise use diacritics, for example: Française. Other times they will enter a title in normalized text, for example: Francaise. We have changed our system to handle either use case for title requests through the API or link resolver.

Author Exposed in API
We had previously exposed author fields in the OpenURL response from the API. Now we have changed the REST API (used to create the A to Z list view) to expose author fields as well.

WMS Acquisitions API

There is a small set of updates coming to the WorldShare Management Services Acquisitions API. These updates are primarily to support the WorldShare Acquisitions application, but external developers may also benefit from them. Please note most of them are not backward-compatible. While we try to minimize these kinds of changes, in this case, they were necessary to make critical improvements to performance.

  • Shipping data elements were added to PurchaseOrder (This change is both optional and backward-compatible.)
  • Two new elements were added:
    • <shippingType>
    • <shippingAddressId>
  • taxCalculationMethod was removed from PurchaseOrderItem and should be set in PurchaseOrder going forward
  • Only One Resource element may be attached to a PurchaseOrderItem. This means the XML structure no longer has a <resources> element, but rather a single <resource> element

See versions 1.9 of the schemas at

If you have additional questions on these recent enhancements or ideas about what would be most helpful for you for future enhancements, please let us know.

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