Introducing our new Community Manager

Lots of things have been cooking here at the Developer Network. We have a bunch of new services either in pilot or in development, and the number of third-party partners who are using the WorldShare Platform to add libraries and library data to their applications continues to grow, too. But most of all, I am happy to report that our team is growing!

We now have a new Community Manager, Shelley Hostetler, who comes to us from Chicago, IL, USA. Her background is in libraries and customer engagement, and I am so pleased to think how her skills will help us evolve the Developer Network into something even more valuable for the cooperative. So when you see Shelley at the IDS Conference, Access, LITA Forum, Code4Lib or any number of other events—be sure to introduce yourself and share what you’d like to see from OCLC generally and the Developer Network, specifically. I’ll let her tell you a little more about herself in the video below and a few words here:

I’m really excited to join the Developer Network community and am looking forward to working with you. I’m still coming up to speed on the ongoing efforts here at OCLC to support your use of the WorldShare Platform and all of OCLC’s web services and APIs. And there is really a lot going on, as Alice said. While we continue to work on releasing more Platform Web services, we’re also embarking on a project to move the current Drupal-based Developer Network Web site to a new content management system that will give us a lot more flexibility and give you a better experience.

That’s really where I come in – focusing on your experience as members of the Developer Network. My role is to understand what you need from the cooperative and how we can best work together. So I’ll have loads of questions for all of you and am anxious to know about what you think works well, what needs to work differently, and what new things we can work on together. I’ll be attending conferences, including LITA, Access, and others, so we can talk in person. In the meantime, use the Contact link, or email me directly [] to let me know what’s on your mind.

Stay tuned here, too! I’ll keep you updated on the latest from the WorldShare Platform team.

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