ALA Around the Corner (and Down the Street)

It’s a whole different experience when a conference is in your city, don't you think? I tend to think of it as a working staycation. And I’m really looking forward to this one, not just because I live in Chicago(land), but because it's my first chance to meet some of you face to face. If you're planning to go, let's find a time to meet! I’d really like to hear about what you’re working on, your experiences with Developer Network, and your advice on what we can work on together. Contact me if you have some time to chat.

I hope you’ve all seen the announcements for the LITA Introductory Python Workshop. This is a great opportunity to get your hands in some code in a fun and open way. What could be better than learning alongside fellow beginners? If you (or someone you know) have some interest in learning to code but don’t know how to get started, well, this is it! And why not follow the class up by practicing using Python with our web services? We've seen a few examples on GitHub (search for WorldCat) that might be a good starting point.

OCLC has a number of good sessions planned. Here are a few that will touch on the WorldShare Platform and give you some good ideas for new projects, not to mention more information to explain why those APIs and code you're working on is so important to your library:

  • The Power of Shared Library Data at the Network Level
  • WorldShare Partnerships that Engage End Users
  • OCLC's Next-generation Metadata Management
  • OCLC Research Update


Check out all of the OCLC events and don’t forget to register for the Developer community roundtable at the Update Breakfast. See you there!

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