A Brief Note on ALA & What's Coming

I wanted to touch base with you with a couple of notes from ALA and to let you know that we continue to move full steam ahead with a lot of activity on the Platform.

First up, from ALA, there was some good discussion around training at the Connecting Libraries to Vendor Platforms session. The panelists talked about various efforts to provide training around their APIs and it was acknowledged that there is definitely more to do to make APIs accessible to a broader audience. I think that goes beyond training to making information easily available, and it's something that we are thinking a lot about here on the Platform team. It's important on a couple of fronts: first, we want to make sure that anything we implement is well-documented and that we provide supplementary training where it's needed. But second, we want to help folks who are interested in using APIs, but have little or no experience. We're exploring a number of ways to accomplish those things and would love to get your input on how we could best do that. 

Of course there were loads of other interesting things going on, but I’ll just touch on one more: the LITA Intro to Python pre-conference. It was well attended, which underscores that demand for training, and well received. Keep an eye on the Library Code Year Interest Group - they have been doing some really interesting work in this area.

Up next in Developer Network News: Karen's series on Authentication will continue and we'll introduce a new series from Steve about data protocols. Our quarterly release planning meeting is coming up, too, and we'll have more to share about what's coming soon. Have something you'd like to hear about? Please let us know!

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