New traffic partner, WriteCite

A big welcome to our first online citation partner from Australia: WriteCite!

From the official announcement: is an Australia-based site that helps undergraduate and upper secondary high school students create automatic citations online. It was founded by a university lecturer in response to the growth of Internet-enabled and nontraditional information sources that still require referencing by today’s students. Started in 2009, the site provides citations in APA, Harvard and MLA styles and features a free mobile version, iCite APA, that is available for Apple iOS and Android devices.

WriteCite provides a way to search the world’s library collections via WorldCat, made possible through the OCLC WorldShare Platform. The WorldShare Platform gives flexible, open access to library data through APIs and Web Services, so that students can discover, cite and create lists for information in e-books, books, chapters, magazines, newspapers, websites, journals, films and more.

We're really excited to see more partner apps coming online, especially those from outside the U.S. And I learned in the course of researching this partnership that there is no standard reference for "Harvard style," as I had mistakenly thought. Nope. And the style didn't originate with Harvard, either--at least, according to Zotero. Weird but true!

WriteCite is free for educational use, and it can apparently be "white labeled" as your institution's citation management system. So no one needs to know you didn't grow it in-house!

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