New API Available: Article Exchange

A shiny new Web service: Article Exchange API. This is a write web service for cloud-based document delivery. It's basically like a secure Dropbox for interlibrary loan materials. The Article Exchange API gives you developer level access to the Article Exchange document-sharing site. Article Exchange provides a single, secure location where lending libraries can place requested documents and the borrowing library can retrieve articles or book chapters the library user requested via interlibrary loan. More about Article Exchange from the librarian perspective.

Since Article Exchange went into production on January 13, use of the site has increased rapidly. Nearly 600 libraries from 16 countries have uploaded documents to the site so far, and usage stands at more than 20,000 document uploads per month. Now with API access, you can upload and share documents of image-type files, such as .pdf .png .jpg .tiff and other image file formats. Upon successful upload, the JSON or XML response contains a unique password-protected URL that you can share with the library user so s/he can retrieve the uploaded materials.

Look for an announcement from one of OCLC's partners later this week about how they've already developed a software "connector" from its book scanning systems to the Article Exchange site using the API. And we expect to hear more great ideas from you, as you use this new API in your apps and workflows.

Stay tuned, as more new services are in the queue to be made available through the OCLC WorldShare Platform over the coming months.

Update 21 June: Scannex announcement

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