Innovation in Libraries videos

The videos from Innovation in Libraries are finally ready! And a shout out to all video content producers, because each time we work on large numbers of videos I am reminded how labor-intensive the editing, uploading, description process can be. But hooray! Now even if you weren't able to attend Innovation in Libraries, you can still benefit from the collective wisdom shared at the post-LITA event back in October. All the videos--including Phil Simon, our keynote speaker--are available in a single Innovation in Libraries playlist on YouTube. We're also embedding thumbnails on the Innovation page on (still in process). Here's a quick list of all the presenters, in the order they presented.

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Phil Simon, author of The Age of the Platform and keynote speaker

Stacy Konkiel, Indiana University

Michelle Frisque, Northwestern University

Abbey Gerken, US Environmental Protection Agency

Steven K. Bowers and Jing Jing Wu, Detroit Area Library Network (DALNET)

Jeff Young, OCLC Research

Janetta Waterhouse, University of Illinois Springfield

Sandra and Clark Swanson, OrangeBoy, Inc

Michelle Frisque, Northwestern University

Kathryn Harnish, OCLC

Wayne Johnson, University of Guelph

Craig Milberg, Davidson College

Mark Sullivan and Cyril Oberlander, IDS Project/SUNY Geneseo

Jon Stahler and Josh Costello, Columbus Metropolitan Library

Keeyoung Moon, UMUC

Simone Kortekaas, Utrecht University

The whole playlist