API Key requests move to OCLC Service Configuration

I'm happy to share some great news in terms of API WSKey management.

One of the recent improvements we've made to the WorldShare Platform is to move many requests for API Keys into OCLC Service Configuration--especially those related to WorldShare Management Services. Using "Service Config" to manage key requests will give you an even faster turnaround on your WSKey requests. This new functionality will also let you request sandbox access to any OCLC Web service regardless of whether your institution is eligible for production access to the Web service. That's right--ANYONE can request a sandbox key. In addition, developers can request a single key which is valid for multiple Web services in Service Config. The goal in all of this is to reduce the number of keys you have to keep track of.

Here are the Web Services that now have WSKeys managed through Service Config:

  • Article Exchange
  • Find a Library (only for production)
  • License Manager API (beta)
  • WMS Acquisitions API
  • WMS Circulation API
  • WMS Collection Management API
  • WMS Vendor Information Center API
  • WorldCat Basic (only for production)
  • WorldCat Knowledge Base API

So now, as a developer (or enterprising technically-inclined curiosity seeker!) you can:

  1. Go directly to OCLC Service Configuration
  2. Request a new WSKey from the left-hand menu
  3. Select the type of key: Sandbox or Production and indicate which of the Web services listed above you're interested in
  4. Send the request! (Note you'll potentially need to fill in a few details such as your institution name in order to actually generate the Key...)

When you request *sandbox* access, your key will be generated automatically and emailed immediately with the relevant information for that API key. *Production* access to a Web service requires additional information to confirm your institutional eligibility. OCLC staff will review each "production" request and either approve or deny it. Either way. you'll receive a notification via email about the status of your request, with an invitation to join the OCLC Developer Network if you haven't already.

  • Karen Coombs

    Karen Coombs

    Senior Product Analyst