MapFAST Web Service Available

With the number of mobile devices increasing, so has the interest in geolocation services and applications. One recent project of OCLC Research which looks at subject headings from a geographic point of view is called MapFAST. This project is a mashup prototype that uses a Google Maps interface to present FAST Geographic authority records. Users can select of a location and display of nearby geographic headings.

Now, lucky for you--the data that underlies the mapFAST map demo is available for public use as a Web service.  You can use this Web service to develop your own applications to discover FAST headings near a geographic coordinate location.  

The new MapFAST web service is also RESTful. It takes the chosen geographic coordinates and returns a list of FAST record headings along with alternate forms of the heading and the type of geographic feature the heading represents, such as a populated place or a mountain.  The returned headings are listed in order of how close they are to the requested location.

Detailed documentation of the Web Service is available via the Developer Network site.

If you're curious about how you might use the MapFAST service you can check out the two prototypes I've built:

  • Books Nearby Text
    This demo looks up a user's location and then returns FAST headings which are near that user. Clicking on the heading returns related materials from WorldCat.
  • Books Nearby Map
    This demo looks up a user's location and then returns FAST headings which are near that user on a Google Map. Clicking a marker on the map returns related materials from WorldCat below the map.

or watch my screencast about the MapFAST Web services on the OCLC YouTube channel.

  • Karen Coombs

    Karen Coombs

    Senior Product Analyst