HTML5 Workshop a Huge Success

The HTML5 webinar which the Developer Network co-sponsored last week was a huge success. More than 300 people from the United States and Canada attended the webinar to hear Christopher Schmitt speak about HTML5 and CSS3. The group had lots of great questions and there was good discussion in the chat window. Christopher showed off the power of HTML5 including:

  • New page structure element such as HEADER, NAV, FOOTER, SECTION, ARTICLE, ASIDE, which add the ability to provide more semantic meaning to structural aspects of page
  • MEDIA and VIDEO elements which allow developers to more easily embed media in web pages
  • Geolocation features that developers can use to provide location specific information to users.

For those who missed the session or want to take a second look, a recording of webinar is available for download

and Christopher's slides (HTML5 / CSS3) are also available.

Because of the great success of this webinar, we're investigating having a more full-fledged CSS3 workshop and we're looking into other technology topics we might invite experts from outside the library world come speak about. If you have ideas or suggestions for potential topics please leave a comment or contact us.

  • Karen Coombs

    Karen Coombs

    Senior Product Analyst