EZproxy version 5.4 released

For all your EZproxy folks--version 5.4 is here! New features added to EZproxy 5.4 include the following:

• Support for Windows 7

• A user can now submit a username or password that is longer than 32 characters or contains a "|" when using SIP Authentication

• Support signing cert 'rollover' by supporting multiple x.509 certificates in SAML metadata.

• Made changes to prevent PDF files from being treated as HTML files and improperly returned to the user.

• Numerous updates and bug fixes to further support Shibboleth implementations

• Improved security measures now to prevent a potential denial of service vulnerability and integrate with version 0.9.8q of OpenSSL
• Enhanced debugging features, such as
     o Line numbers for the EZproxy Admin "test user.txt" page
     o Line numbers for the config.txt file.
     o Error messages are now written just below the line that caused them. The actual text of the file is written instead of the trimmed text. Enable this feature by adding XDEBUG 128 to     
        your configuration file.
Note OCLC does not recommend running this feature in a live production environment due to the quantity of messages logged.

The full list of changes

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Remember--a hosted version of EZproxy is now available. Get all your detailed questions answered at the upcoming Product Manager's Question Time with our own Don Hamparian on Wednesday, Aug. 17.

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