EZproxy 5.4.1 released

A new release of EZproxy, version 5.4.1 was made available 7/22/2011. This is the 6th OCLC-released version of the software. OCLC staff can get a full list of changes from the OCLC Web site at http://www.oclc.org/news/announcements/2011/announcement53.htm or read an excerpt of the announcement, below.

All hosted Ezproxy users will be automatically upgraded to the latest version. Standalone customers can download the latest at no charge from the OCLC Web site. For any library interested in purchasing EZproxy, please encourage them to attend the next webinar beind held 17 August 2011.

Any questions, please contact Don Hamparian or e-mail ezproxy@oclc.org.

EZproxy 5.4.1 now available
The library community's leading authentication and access solution has been enhanced again.

A number of issues have been reported and resolved with the EZproxy 5.4.1 release, available now. Fixes with EZproxy 5.4.1 include the following:

  • The restart function now correctly restarts EZproxy on Windows platforms.
  • The IPC file (named ezproxy.ipc) is now being created on Windows platforms. This resolves the possibility of multiple instances of EZproxy being started on a server out of the same directory.
  • Shibboleth with groups is now completing authentication instead of being presented with logup.htm.
  • Fixed: The limit on number of includeFile entries was inadvertently set much smaller in V5.4. The limits set in V5.4.1 are 4096 include files allowed at a depth of up to 64 nested includes - include files with another include statement.
  • Changed: If EZproxy is restarted and an IPC file exists, EZproxy will now issue a message suggesting you can delete this file if you know EZproxy isn't currently running. Before this change, EZproxy would not start or issue a related message.

Issues anticipated to be fixed in EZproxy 5.5 release later this year:

  • The string concatenation operator is interpreted as a character belonging to the neighboring textual constant rather than as a concatenation operator. If you see this problem, the workaround is to insert a space around the operator.
  • When users authenticate using Shibboleth 1.3, each authentication results in the message: "SAMLResponse no encrypted Assertion elements" being written to the messages.txt file. This message can be ignored and will be removed.
  • EZproxy does not work Shibboleth IdP version 2.3 (on any of our supported Operating Systems). We understand what the issue is and are implementing a change to resolve this issue.

Other notes:

  • Some sites are reporting Shibboleth authentication was not working with EZproxy V5.3 on the Solaris operating system. We have verified the Solaris version of EZproxy V5.4.1 works with our test IdP.  Please note the issue about Shibboleth IdP V2.3 above applies to the Solaris version of EZproxy too.
  • Message "SAML received assertion without a status of success, denying access" logged with a failure to authenticate with Shibboleth. This issue has existed since V5.1d and has been reported with institutions in the UK Access federation. OCLC is currently researching this issue and will either issue an update to EZproxy or describe a configuration method to resolve this problem shortly.

We encourage you to upgrade to EZproxy 5.4 .1 to stay current with the latest features. Please review the enhancements page and upgrade http://www.oclc.org/support/documentation/ezproxy/download/  at your earliest convenience.

  • Karen Coombs

    Karen Coombs

    Senior Product Analyst