New York Times Movie Reviews mashup with WorldCat data

I posted a while back about the fact that I've been playing with the New York Times Bestseller API in order to add indicators that a book was on the best seller list to a mock catalog screen. While I was working on that I discovered the New York Times Movie Reviews API and decided it would be really neat if I could put links to review from the New York Times into my mock catalog demo. The issue with trying to link from library data to the New York Times is that a clear, concise, reliable match point is a little slippery. One can always use title but because movies are often remade, title alone isn't the best match point. So for my purposes, I decided to use title and publication year as my match points. The issue with publication year is of course that the year the DVD of a movie comes out isn't necessarily the year the movie itself came out. Luckily the New York Times Movie Review API has both the movie release date and the DVD release date. So I could compare the publication data field in the MARC to the DVD release date and see if the year matched. If it does then I assume this is the appropriate version of the movie. I can then bring back a teaser field from the review as well as a link to the full review and insert them into my full record screen mockup. To see the code in action you can visit my collection of demos.

  • Karen Coombs

    Karen Coombs

    Senior Product Analyst