New EZproxy Reference Manual now available

For all of you EZproxy administrators, there's a brand new Reference Manual available as a PDF to help you manage all the different directives you may want to specify. Topping out at a whopping 114 pages, we're still thinking the Reference Manual is a work in progress. I mean, 104 Directives is pretty darn good for a first draft--but there are improvements to be had, to be sure. So download it now, peruse at your leisure and send the EZproxy team your thoughts and ideas about what else should/could go in here, and where it could use some additional information. There are already planned updates in the works, of course, and your feedback and insight is always encouraged. Future versions with small incremental changes will be called out with a version number and listed on a yet-to-be-created "changes made to this version" page.

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