Developer Network hangs out at Access

Roy, Ralph and I traveled to Winnipeg for the Access conference this week. We all participated in the Hackfest and Ralph and I are presenting. My talk is on how OCLC Web Services can be used to improve library UIs. Ralph is giving a talk on the OCLC open source Linked Data framework that powers are services like VIAF. We're having a great time a the conference so far. We helped build cool things at the Hackfest. I worked on a project in which I had to take data from Solr and create charts with it using the Google Chart API. Roy helped with a project called "Mobile Death Hack". You can check out the prototype at . I had some favorite presentations from the first day of the conference as well. These included Dan Scott's talk on Standard Social Sharing and Aggregation on the Go, was also good and gave me new standards to check out and learn about. Today will be more great presentations and the rest of the Hackfest reports. I'm looking forward to seeing what folks have to show off and learning about interesting projects which libraries are doing.
  • Karen Coombs

    Karen Coombs

    Senior Product Analyst