WorldCat Mashathon starts tomorrow

Amsterdam Mashathon LocationWe're getting ready for the WorldCat Mashathon today. Yesterday I was traveling, and then Ralph M. from the Leiden office and I started in on the details. Oh you know, things like printing name tags and creating networking sheets so people can know who else works in Python, who prefers Java...things like that.  Here's a photo of where we'll be. It's a former cocoa warehouse, but now home to the International Institute for Social History. A beautiful setting and one to surely inspire a few creative innovations the next two days. One interesting note: the IISH even has a "floating garden" that is part of their collection. it seems that an artist built an island out of styrofoam, planted it with plants and even built some structures on it. I'm off to get my bearings on the rest of Amsterdam. We'll be tweeting and posting updates here during the event, so if you weren't able to come--it will be almost as good as be

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