OCLC at Code4Lib

Most of my fellow OCLC Developer Network staffers are still at Code4Lib soaking up all the great ideas, making technology intersections and creating new possibilities for library development projects. For me, I got stuck in a snowstorm on the way to the preconference session OCLC sponsored, the "OCLC Grid Services Boot Camp." So I won't tell you my reflections on the morning session, because I wasn't there. But Richard Wallis did, with a nice summary over on Panlibus. Karen Coombs over at Library Web Chic also uploaded a video demo of the WorldCat Search API during the conference. In the afternoon, Ralph LeVan gave an overview of SRU and CQL, and I showed off some of the social networking features of WorldCat.org...which sparked an interesting discussion about ways to help faculty and students make better use of the tools available. In looking through the list of attendees, there were a number of Perl and Java developers--with some interest in Groovy--and lots of people keen to do more with mobile. (For example, Birkin showed me the MIT mobile site for iPhone users. How cool would it be to have library materials, right there alongside the shuttle service info?) All the powerpoints from the session are linked off the pre-conference page above, so even if you couldn't make it to Providence, you can still see Flickr photos and participate. One of the outcomes we talked about from the session was to think about a series of Webinars, or maybe just short video clips that show different uses of the developer tools now available from OCLC. Would something like that be helpful for you?

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