xOCLCNUM service and its dissemination format

We recently released the xOCLCNUM service in http://xisbn.worldcat.org/xisbnadmin/xoclcnum/index.htm In the early design of xISBN service, we didn't think through all requirement for future services, so it's bit awkward that we actually use a different XML schema/namespace for xOCLCNUM service, such as: <rsp xmlns="http://worldcat.org/xid/oclcnum/" stat="ok"> <oclcnum isbn="9780596002817" lccn="2004273129">55847258</oclcnum> </rsp> However, if you prefer to use any other dissemination format, such as text or json distribution, we actually kept a consistent schema: http://xisbn.worldcat.org/webservices/xid/isbn/0596002815 ?method=getMetadata&format=python&fl=isbn,oclcnum http://xisbn.worldcat.org/webservices/xid/oclcnum/177669176 ?method=getMetadata&format=python&fl=isbn,oclcnum So any code written for xISBN should be applicable to xOCLCNUM as well if you are not using XML dissemination, otherwise you may need a little (I hope) adjustments.

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