xISBN improvements

In this monthly update we add a few new features: - support paging of large result by two parameters: "startIndex" and "count". xISBN by default returns first 1000 matched ISBNs, however there are a few works with more than 1000 matches (e.g. Bible), in that case, the remaining ISBNs can be fetched by the paging method. We use "startIndex" and "count" parameters to page the result. The same technique can be used if the client desired less than 1000 records in response. The definition of startIndex and count is same as OpenSearch Specification. To do a paging request: http://xisbn.worldcat.org/webservices/xid/isbn/9789574760442?method=getEditions&startIndex=1&count=2 - support two new fields: city (city of publication) and lccn (Library of Congress Control Number),e.g. http://xisbn.worldcat.org/webservices/xid/isbn/2841770893?fl=city,lccn LCCN can be considered a more significant feature as it allows mapping of identifiers. - author field now use all author name http://xisbn.worldcat.org/webservices/xid/isbn/2841770893?fl=author -- support serialization to csv format (UTF-8 encoding) http://xisbn.worldcat.org/webservices/xid/isbn/2841770893?format=csv&fl=* -- xISBN service now covers 16,662,967 ISBNs and 13,308,218 FRBR groups, for more information, please check http://xisbn.worldcat.org/xisbnadmin/doc/stat.htm

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