WorldCat Registry Links Now Easier to Create

Posted on behalf of my colleagues Joanna White and Xiaoming Liu: WorldCat Registry users now have an option to semi-automatically configure direct links to their catalog for over sixty ILS vendors. Authorized users can provide a sample catalog search link, click a button and receive suggested ISBN, ISSN and OCLC deep links. This guessing service is also available in a stand-alone user-friendly form and as a Web Service provided by xISBN LibLook. The WorldCat Registry provides an increasing number of links (library catalog links, OpenURL resolvers, etc.) to both and the WorldCat Search API, as well as to external services like LibX. As more libraries use and maintain their WorldCat Registry information, the service can provide better and more accurate links for syndication. We are interested to learn about your experiences and how we can support more and better linking. For more information about the WorldCat Registry see Building the Grid and a short video tutorial on the Registry and how it can help your users connect to your services. Xiaoming Liu, xISBN and Joanna White, WorldCat Registry

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