Better hyphen support in xISBN service

xISBN service used to handle ISBN as a plain number, when a hyphenated ISBN is requested, we normalize it to a plain number internally, and present the response in plain number. However, hyphenated ISBNs carry structure information, and sometimes library OPAC system indexed hyphenated ISBN only. We just deployed a new version of xISBN service with better hyphen support, when requested ISBN is hyphenated, the response ISBNs will be hyphenated as well; we also added additional method of explicitly hyphenating ISBNs, such as: It is implemented by downloading the ISBN range HTML file, turn it into a lookup table, and when an ISBN should be hyphenated, we use the lookup table to figure out where to add the hyphen. It is trivial to parse the ISBN range HTML file, but it would be great if ISBN agency has a machine-readable format of this file.

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