ALA - Mid WInter and WorldCat Grid

Thanks to everyone who was at the 'Introduction to WorldCat Grid' session and to all who made the Developer's Network meet and greet which included a demo of the WorldCat API. I met a variety of you and had quite a few interesting discussions about the WorldCat Grid and the API. We are pressing ahead with the invitation release of the API for late February. We want to accommodate as many as who are interested -- I know there will be some who may be disappointed not to be on this first list. I will be posting the presentation soon. My Philadelphia experience was positive. Philly has a real 'walkers' central city and I took advantage of that. Hopped the train from the hotel to the airport - enjoyed the rapid transit. Maybe because Columbus Ohio is the opposite - closest passenger train is 100 miles away. Don Hamparian Portfolio Manager WorldCat Grid Services

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