Library Catalog URLs

This resource supports four operations.

URLs and Supported Operations

Operation Resource URL HTTP METHOD
Lookup By OCLC Number{OCLC_Number}?oclcsymbol={OCLC_Symbol} GET
Lookup By ISBN{ISBN}?oclcsymbol={OCLC_Symbol} GET
Lookup By ISSN{ISSN}?oclcsymbol={OCLC_Symbol} GET
Lookup By Standard Number{Standard_Number}?oclcsymbol={OCLC_Symbol} GET

Response Formats

The API response will either be a Holding structure, as shown in Response Details for just your designated library's OCLC symbol(s), or a "no holdings found" diagnostic.


Parameter Description Required? Possible Values

OCLC Symbols to find holdings for.
Can be a comma separated list of symbols.

If requesting information on more than 10 symbols, you will need to use the maximiumLibraries parameter to request a count up to 100 symbols returned in a single query.

required To find symbols consult the Find an OCLC Library page

maximum number of libraries shown

top limit is 100 libraries per query

optional default is 10 libraries
format format of the response returned.



JSON-P callback. Only used with JSON-P response format

*Please do not embed your WSKey in client side javascripts*


whether or not to use FRBR grouping.

The default option includes the library locations associated with any similar edition of the item requested. This is sometimes referred to as a "FRBRized" holdings results.

To see holdings associated with only the single record requested set this parameter to "off".
See the note on frbrGrouping information for Library Location documentation.


on, off

default is on

servicelevel Consult the Service Levels documentation to determine the differences in available indexes and displays between the two levels optional default, full
default is default
wskey Web Services Key required  

Resource Fields

XML Output

Field Description
/holding/institutionIdentifier/value Institution OCLC Symbol

Source for Institution Identifier

always set to

/holding/physicalLocation Name of Institution
/holding/physicalAddress/text Institution city, state postal code country
/library/opacUrl Url for item in Institution's local catalog

JSON Output

Field Description


Always given as zero

author Authori of item
date Date item published
ISBN ISBN(s) associated with item
OCLCnumber OCLC Number for item


The number of symbols within the request that have holdings information returned.  This is the number of holding libraries in this particular response -- NOT the total number of holders of that item in all of WorldCat. This field only appears if the frbrGrouping parameter is set to off.

library/institutionName Name of Institution
library/streetAddress1 Street address of institution
library/streetAddress2 Street address part 2 of institution
library/city Institution city
library/state Institution state
library/country Institution country
library/postalCode Institution postal code
library/opacUrl Url for item in Institution's local catalog
library/oclcSymbol Institution OCLC Symbol
library/distance Always given as zero

URL Examples

Lookup catalog urls for the OCLC Number 15550774 where the OCLC Symbol is OSU:

Lookup catalog urls for the OCLC Number 15550774 whre the OCLC Symbols are OSU and STF:,STF

Lookup catalog url for the ISBN 0026071800 where the OCLC Symbol is OSU:


No Holdings

If none of the listed OCLC symbols are represented as holding the requested item the web service will return a"no holdings found" diagnostic.

Known Issues

Queries for Merged OCLC Numbers result in no holdings

When an OCLC number has been merged under another record, the merged OCLC number is in the 019 field of that bibliographic record.  Using the merged OCLC number in a query correctly pulls the record which includes the 019 field for all SRU queries and Single Bibliographic record queries. However, for Library Catalog Resource requests, the merged OCLC number only works correctly if frbrGrouping is set to “on” or on by default.  When the frbrGrouping parameter is set to “off” the merged OCLC number request incorrectly results in indicating there are no holdings.