Normal Hours Resource

URLs and Supported Requests

The Normal Hourse Resource supports two operations.

Operation Resource URL HTTP METHOD
Read{normalHoursID} GET
Search{query} GET

HTTP Accept Types


Parameter Required Description
q No The search query
inst No The Institution Registry ID of the institution you want to limit the search to
startIndex No What index item to start the collection at.
itemsPerPage No How many collection items to return per request.

Query Indices

Name Description
branch The Institution Registry ID of the branch library to find the parent of
city City
country The two-character Country Code, per ISO 3166.
email Email address
Institution Name
instSymbol Institution OCLC Symbol
phone Phone number
postalCode Postal Code
street Street address
subdivision The name of the State/Province, per ISO 3166-2.
type The Institution Type. This is a numeric value that utilizes the following key:

1    ARL Library
2    Academic Library
3    Public Library
4    School Library
5    Other (Corporate or Special Library)
6    State or National Library
7    Library Networks or Processing Center
8    Government Library (except State or National Library)
11   Vendor
13   Museum
14   Archives
15   Regional Service Provider
16   Correctional Facility Library
17   Dental Library
18   Hospital Library
19   Law Library
20   Medical Library
21   Music Library
22   Nursing Library
23   Veterinary Library
999 Unknown

Example URLs

Search for normal hours associated with institution ID 128807:


Search for normal hours associated with the institution with the name "Platform Sandbox":

GET"Platform Sandbox"

Returns information about a specific institutions hours with ID 128807: