Identifier Resource

URL and Supported Requests

The Identifier Resource supports one operation.

Operation Resource URL HTTP METHOD
Read{identifier-type}/data/{identifierValue} GET

HTTP Accept Types

Path Token

Identifier Type

Identifier Type
URL Path Token
ALG ID alg-id
Athens Organization ID athens-organization-id
Australian Business Number australian-business-number
Australian NUC australian-nuc
British Library Code british-library-code
FEIN fein
ISIL isl
MARC Organization Code marc-org-code
NCES Unit ID nces-unit-id
NCES Library ID nces-library-id
NCES Organization Code nces-org-code
NZ Library Symbol new-zealand-library-symbol
OCLC Customer oclc-customer
OCLC Symbol oclc-symbol

Example URLs

Returns information about a specific ISIL Symbol - OCLC-OCPSB:


Returns information about a specific OCLC Symbol - OCPSB:



With the exception of OCLC Symbol, all of these are represented as a Thing. An OCLC Symbol is represented as a LAMCollection.