Request IDs

The Discovery API response will include the following two request IDs in the HTTP response header. These request IDs assist us in troubleshooting problems and answering questions.

  • X-OCLC-RequestId
  • X-OCLC-SelfId

Common Errors

The Discovery API can return the following errors.

  • 400 - Malformed request
  • 401 - Request is not authorized, get a new access token
  • 403 - Access to database is denied, the institution in use is not configured for that database
  • 500 - An error occurred in our system, the X-OCLC-RequestId and X-OCLC-SelfId can help us troubleshoot

Error Entity

This is the structure of an error that you might see.

  @context: {
    rdf: ""
    schema: ""
    discovery: ""
  "@graph": [
      @id: "_:b0"
      @type: ""
      discovery:errorCode: {
        @type: ""
        @value: "400"
      discovery:errorMessage: "Missing required parameter dbIds.  Please provide a value for the dbIds parameter."
      discovery:errorType: "http"