WorldCat Discovery Known Issues

Not all WorldCat Discovery "databases" available

OCLC has not been granted the rights to redistribute the content from all the collections within the central index. Currently, the only content available via the API are from collections which OCLC had the right to redistribute when the API was initially released.

Recent OCLC records not accessible

Due to an issue with with how the Linked Data used by this API is produced, more recent OCLC records are not accessible via their OCLC Number. These records are returned via search results. However, a request for any of these records by their OCLC Number will result in the API returning an HTTP 404 - Not Found.

Diacritics not properly rendered

Diacritic characters such é, ü, ç and non-Latin characters are not always properly rendered in the various API output formats.

Performance Issues under load

API is not scaled to handle significant load. Currently, it can only handle 5-10 transactions per second.