Vendor Resource

URLs and Supported Requests

The Vendor Information Resource supports four operations.

Operation Resource URL HTTP METHOD
Create https://vic.{datacenter} POST
Read https://vic.{datacenter}{vendorID} GET
Update https://vic.{datacenter}{vendorID} PUT
Search https://vic.{datacenter}{query} GET
Activate https://vic.{datacenter} POST
Deactivate https://vic.{datacenter} DELETE

HTTP Accept Types

HTTP Request Content Types

Vendor Resource

Vendor Activation



More information about the proper structure of XML made as part of POST and PUT requests can be found here:


q No Query string that can be used to do a text search on the result set.
vendor_name No Limit results by vendor name.
location No Limit results by location.
contact_name No Limit results by contact name.
status No Limit results by status. Values are:  all | active | inactive.
orderBy No Allows you to to specify an orderBy value. Currently only vendor_name is supported.

Example Requests

To search and retrieve all vendors that contain a test string that starts with the letter A, are located in Munich, and with a status set to active:


To search and retrieve all vendors located in Munich with their statuses set to either active or inactive.


To view a collection of vendors where the status is active:



Vendors cannot be deleted from the system. They can only be "deactivated". Any deactivated vendor can be activated again.