WMS NCIP Service

A Web service to handle common library user-facing functions based on the industry standard NCIP functionality (NISO Circulation Interchange Protocol, also known as Z39.83). Part of the suite of APIs related to OCLC WorldShare Management Services.

  • Status: Production
  • Sandbox access: Yes

What you get

NCIP message to support library staff functions:

  • Circulate library materials
  • Manage hold requests for materials

As well as patron functionality:

  • Retrieve user account (checkouts, holds, fines)
  • Place and update library holds for materials

Who can use it

Sandbox access to this API is available to anyone. Production access is available for libraries that use OCLC's WorldShare Management Systems.

Commercial partnerships are also available.

Authentication & Authorization

The WMS APIs supports the WSKey HMAC Signature and Access Token patterns.

API requests also require attribution to a WorldShare user. Details about on user-level authorization are available in the authentication and authorization overview.