Please Note: The Notification resource is still under development and subject to change.

Notification Resource

URLs and Supported Requests

The Notification supports two operations.

Operation Resource URL HTTP METHOD
Read{file-id} GET

HTTP Accept Types

The Notification service can return data in two possible formats.  To get the results in different formats it is necessary to perform content negotiation. 

  • application/atom+xml
  • application/json


The table below lists the optional parameters that can be used as part of the Notification resource:

Parameter Required Notes
startIndex No What index item to start the collection at
itemsPerPage No How many collection items to turn per request

Example URLs

Returns information about a specific notification with ID 1234:


  • Notification returned for by this API only include those for patrons who do not have email addresses within the Circulation system. Notifications for patrons with email addresses are sent to the patron directly and not included in this API's response.
  • Notifications can be send for several cases
    • Bill
    • Hold Pickup
    • Hold Request Expiry
    • Hold Shelf Expiry
    • Schedule Expiry
    • Schedule Pickup
    • Schedule Placed
    • Loan Overdue
    • Recall
  • Policies for Notifications must be setup in order for notifications to be produced. These are managed via Service Config
  • Notifications are produced a regular schedule outlined in the Service Configuration Guide.