Item Resource

URLs and Supported Requests

The Item supports three operations.

Operation Resource URL HTTP METHOD
Pull https://{registryID}{item_identifier}/routings/pull POST
Inventory https://{registryID}{item_identifier}/routings/inventories POST
Non-Loan-Return https://{registryID}{item_identifier}/routings/usages POST

HTTP Accept Types

The Item Resource returns data in one format.

HTTP Request Content Types

Item Resource Fields

Name Description Example
reason/reasonCode Why the item is being pulled or what should be done with the item
  • HOLD
dateRouted Date the item was scanned  
destination Optional: The destination that the item should be routed to. Will not be present if item staying at current location
destination/ref URI of branch item should be routed to  
destination/branchId The branch id where the item should be routed to  
destination/branchName The branch name where the item should be routed to  
The institution id where the item should be routed to  
destination/institutionName The institution name where the item should be routed to  
item/ref URI for the Item  
item/ownerInstitution/institutionId RegistryID for Institution that owns the item
item/ownerInstitution/institutionName Name for Institution that owns the item
item/pieceDesignation The barcode for the item
item/callNumber The call number on the item
The type of record
item/numberOfPieces The number of pieces 1
item/homeLocation/shelvingLocationCode The home shelving location MAIN-STACKS
item/homeLocation/holdingLocation/holdingLocationCode The home location code MAIN
item/homeLocation/holdingLocation/location/ref A URI for the home location  
item/homeLocation/holdingLocation/location/branchId The branch id for the home location  
item/homeLocation/holdingLocation/location/branchName The branch name for the home location
item/homeLocation/holdingLocation/location/institution/institutionId The registry id for the home location's institution  
homeLocation/holdingLocation/location/institution/institutionName The name for the home location's institution  
item/bibliographicSummary/oclcNumber OCLC Number  
item/bibliographicSummary/title Title  
item/bibliographicSummary/materialType The type of material  
item/bibliographicSummary/author The author  
item/bibliographicSummary/publisher The publisher  
item/bibliographicSummary/publicationYear The publication year  
item/bibliographicSummary/language The language  
item/bibliographicSummary/edition The edition  


Example URLs

Pull the item with the barcode 123456373:

Inventory the Item with the barcode 123456373:

Count as non-loan return the item with the barcode 123456373:


  • Item identifier can be either
    • barcode
    • unique item id
  • If the system finds more than one barcode that matches, it will return an error with the possible matching items

Error Cases

There are specific statuses that an item might be in that can cause it to not be able to be pulled, inventoried or non-loan return usage counted. Some specific cases

  • Missing
  • Withdrawn
  • Checked Out
  • Reported Lost


If an item needs to be sent to a different branch or institution then the response will contain Destination information that specifies the library and branch the item should be routed to.

Example Routing to another branch

Example Routing to another institution